HVAC Maintenance Plan In Poway, CA

HVAC Maintenance Plan in Poway, San Diego, El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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Bi-annual Preventative maintenance contract on Air conditioning and Heating equipment. Two services will be completed throughout the year. AC service in spring and heating service in Fall.

Description of Maintenance Service:

AC Equipment

  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect Operation of Compressor
  • Inspect Operation of Condenser Motor
  • Inspect Blower Motor Operation
  • Inspect Capacitor on Blower Motor, Condenser Fan and Compressor
  • Inspect Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • Wash Off Condenser Coil with Coil Cleaner
  • Test Operation of the Thermostat
  • Flush Out the Condensate Drain Lines
  • Change Air Filters
  • Start and Test Equipment

Heating Equipment

  • Clean Pilot and Pilot Assembly
  • Clean Igniter and Burners
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Inspect Blower Motor, Inducer Motor, and Capacitors
  • Inspect Supply Air for Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Inspect Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • Inspect Condition of Heat Exchanger and Inspect for Cracks
  • Test Operation of the Thermostat
  • Change Air Filters

Priority Benefit

  • Customers will receive preferred pricing on all HVAC repairs
  • Priority customers. Members will receive priority response over other customers
  • Maintain manufacturer warranty with equipment annual maintenance service
  • Annual contracted customers will receive an extended annual labor warranty on all new equipment installed by Arctic Air when the annual preventative maintenance contract is valid

Note: If any conditions are noticed such as repairs needed to equipment during maintenance service, they will be brought up and discussed with the owner. If further repairs are needed on newly installed systems and the maintenance contract is valid the 10-year labor warranty will be applied to any repair cost. Arctic Air will not be liable for any unforeseen conditions causing damage. Examples: Power outages; Electrical failures or malfunctions; Acts of nature; Abuse; Neglect; Alteration; Consequential or incidental damages; Inclement weather causing delays or damage. Equipment that has not been reasonably and properly maintained. Work authorization includes access to areas of the property to fulfill the services listed.
Please note: Normal work/business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, excluding holidays
This quote is valid for 30 days, please let me know if you would like to move forward with this work and we can work out a schedule

One-time maintenance contract on one system only (AC only), (heating only): $110 plus the cost of air filters

Annual HVAC maintenance contract for one complete system: (Spring and Fall service coverage for 1 year): $210 plus the cost of air filters

Each additional unit cost: $95 per unit, per visit plus, the cost of air filters

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