Heat Pump Services In Poway, CA

Heat Pump Services in Poway, San Diego, El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Heat pump services and furnaces are capable of heating your home, but they do it in different ways. Heat pumps use the air outside as a heat source to generate hot air that heats your home. An electric furnace works by lighting a burner in a combustion chamber with a fuel source, typically natural gas. Contact Us Today for Heat Pump repair in Poway, San Diego, El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

Heat Pump Services Includes:

  • Heat Pump Service
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Tune-Up
Heat Pump Services in Poway, San Diego, El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Checklist to Follow Before Installing a Heat Pump

  • Look for a Suitable Company: You must have your heat pump services performed by a company with a valid business license for fair trade to be eligible for rebates. Ensure you obtain quotes from at least two companies and ask them about their experience in upgrading the heat pump system you need, whether ductless, air-to-air or air-to-water. Constrained design can significantly increase the cost of a project. 
  • Request the Calculations: If you choose a heat pump company, ask them to perform a heat loss calculation before selecting the equipment. Ensure that the heater ducts have enough return air and are large enough to supply all the rooms with adequate heat if you have a central air-to-air heat pump. The time is right to evaluate whether your electrical service needs to be upgraded.
  • The Inspection: A thorough inspection of your property will precede any installation. This will enable experts like us to write a report with recommendations and also give you an estimate of the amount of money you could save. 

Engineers consider your heating needs, the size of your home, how you wish heat to be distributed (underfloor heating, radiators, etc. ), and other factors. The installation workers may be able to complete the job more quickly if they have detailed drawings of each room in your home.

What Happens in a Heat Pump Service?

Every HVAC specialist advises you to get heat pump service. A technician follows the following steps when servicing a heat pump: 

  • Ducts, filters, and the interior coil should all be cleaned and inspected for maximum efficiency.
  • Any leaks found in the duct system should be repaired and sealed.
  • Check the amounts of refrigerant.
  • Examine the airflow service for the heat pump.
  • Examine the components for any damage.
  • Look for any potential hazards in the electrical terminals, wiring, and connections. If any cables are worn out, you should replace them.
  • Grease the components of the heat pump.
  • Examine the thermostat and its electrical connections for proper operation.
  • Turn the heat pump on and look at how it’s working. If any faults are discovered during the heat pump’s operation, the technician will clarify and resolve them.

The heat pump service is very affordable and offers many benefits to everyone who uses it. Preventive maintenance services are better than costly repairs. 

The following are the benefits of maintenance services: 

  • Throughout the winter, you may rely on pleasant services.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about the system’s unexpected shutdown.
  • Warranty and life expectancy periods have been upgraded.
  • There are no hazards to the family’s safety or health.
  • Utility bills have decreased significantly.


Arctic Air offers good financing options for heat pump maintenance servicing. Furthermore, our only goal is to give world-class and timely services to our clients. When you file a complaint or service at our business desk, we will promptly pack our belongings and equipment and head for your home.

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