All You Need To Know About Cleans Your Evaporator Coils

Air conditioner owners know about the importance of cleaning their systems regularly. One of the most important reasons for cleaning is the regulated efficiency levels of their air conditioners. An air conditioner has several parts that require regular attention. One of them is to clean your evaporator coils.

Although evaporator coils are inside the air conditioner, unlike air filters, they face extensive damage and problems due to dust. You should contact an HVAC contractor in Poway, CA, to clean the evaporator coils, but you can also do it by knowing the simple steps.

Consequences of not cleaning the evaporator coils.

You may think that cleaning evaporator coils is not that important and necessary. Still, you will be shocked to know that in most of the repair requests we receive for air conditioners, the main reason for the problem is evaporator coils.

If your evaporator coils remain dirty for a long time, they can cause problems like ice formation in the system and refrigerant leakages, which can lead to AC replacement Poway, CA.

Process of cleaning the evaporator coils.

There is no needs for extensives and complex equipment to clean the evaporator coils. You can properly clean your evaporator coils, but before cleaning them, you should know the steps involved in this process:

  • The first step is exposing the evaporator coils to your bare hands. For that, you need to remove the outer case of your condenser. Once you remove the lids, you can see the evaporator coils. However, ensure you do not harm or damage other parts, components, and wires inside the system, as it will lead to unwanted repair jobs.
  • Once you see the coils, you should examine them properly before cleaning them. Know where you need to clean more and whether there are signs of other external damage to the evaporator coils. If you notice any unknown signs with the evaporator coils, try contacting your technician instead of tackling it yourself.
  • Once you know which parts of the coils need cleaning, you can begin the process. Get a small brush and remove dead leaves and insects on the evaporator coils that may get in between the cleaning. Removing such debris also helps in proper ventilation within the system.
  • Since you are working on the condenser, you can straighten out its fins using a fin comb. The fins of a condenser can bend during harsh weather conditions or due to animals, so you should straighten them for the system’s proper functioning. A fin comb is the best ways to fix those fins.
  • Get your hose and gently spray water on the evaporator coils, ensuring no damage to the other parts. It will help in removing dried debris on the evaporator coils. Once you finish cleaning with a hose, spray a foaming coil cleaner onto the evaporator coils for proper cleaning.
  • Allow the coil cleaner to work on the coils for at least five minutes before you remove it. After you see the cleaner collecting the dirt on the evaporator coils, remove the cleaner with water.
  • If you do not have a foaming coil cleaner, you can use mild soap and warm water to clean them. For professional cleaning, use professional cleans your evaporator coils. or contact a professional instead.


Cleans your evaporator coils is not the only way to maintains the efficiency levels of your system; there are several other ways the technicians of Arctic Air can help. Get in touch with us for the best HVAC services in Poway and other surrounding areas. We are available at (619)-933-4648 for heating and AC service Poway.