Heat Pump Installation Poway CA

It is both important to choose a high-quality heat pump and to have it installed properly. Correct instalment of HVAC systems is necessary for monthly energy savings and long-term investment. Keep in mind that getting a cheap heat pump installation can lead to several problems down the road.

Replace your old heat pump with the right model for your home, install it precisely, and properly dispose of your old system. When your heat pump is aging or is already broken, you may want to hire a company that provides heat pump repair in Poway.

Reasons why the heat pump is not functioning.

  • Difficulties with the thermostat

Make sure the temperature on your programmable thermostat is correct. A calibration error might be the problem if everything seems to be in working condition. It may result in an electrical fault or incorrect temperature readings from your thermostat.

  • Power failure

Sometimes the issue is caused by a tripped breaker. Verify that all the breakers are located correctly. If this occurs frequently, there is probably an electrical issue with the heat pump that has to be fixed.

  • The starter capacitor is faulty

The starting capacitor is most likely to blame if there is a slight clicking sound when you turn on the heat pump. The electrical charge that activates the motors must be delivered through this part.

  • Reversing valve broken

The heat pump may serve as both an air conditioner and a heater. It is probably the issue if the heat pump turns on when you want conditioned air. If the problem persists, schedule a heat pump installation in Poway.

  • Unexpected cold weather

Unlike furnaces, heat pumps are designed to run slowly. If it’s chilly outside, your heat pump may operate nonstop without posing any issues.

  • Faulty compressor

Your heat pump’s compressor contactor controls the amount of power given to it. If the compressor appears faulty, then an expert in heat pump repairs needs to replace the part.

  • The unit is disabled

Your heat pump pulls heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your house. The heat pump may struggle to work if snow, ice, leaves, or other debris obstruct the airflow to your unit. Clean your heat pump and remove any obstructions.

  • The air filter is obstructed

The air filters’ dirt and debris might restrict airflow to the compressor, which heats the air if enough of it builds up. Replace the filter after checking it.

  • Low charge of refrigerant

Your heat pump will have trouble distributing enough heat to insulate your home if the refrigerant levels are too low due to a leak. Have your system examined by an expert from a nearby heating repair shop. Troubleshooting heat pump difficulties may be complex, and if you’re having trouble regularly, it’s time to contact a professional for heat pump repairs in Poway for help.

Why should you hire a professional technician for HVAC installation?

Contact heat pump installation technicians if you have any HVAC system problems. Below are the reasons why hiring a technician is a better idea than installing it yourself:

  • They have extensive training

Professionals have completed extensive training, are qualified, are chosen following a background investigation, and can identify problems with your heat pump as soon as possible.

  • They provide quick solutions

A few services provide a 24-hour emergency hotline and an effective mechanism for collecting consumer feedback.

  • They use professional equipment

All professional tools and equipment guarantee that your heating and cooling systems will perform well after service.

  • They provide cost-effective solutions

Most HVAC services provide alternatives, financing choices, and cost-effective packaged services to provide you with pocket-friendly options.


A technician can provide quick and efficient solutions to all your HVAC problems. Contact Arctic Air in case of any HVAC problems. We aim to provide the best HVAC services by training our technicians extensively. Visit our website to learn more about us and our services like heating repair in Poway.

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