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Refrigeration units are systems that help in cooling and maintaining room temperature. They are an integral part of all the HVAC systems like AC installation Poway, CA, household refrigerators, and industrial freezer. Contact Us Today for Refrigeration in Poway, San Diego, El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

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What are the Different Types of Refrigeration Systems?

There are four types of refrigeration systems in the market:

  • Evaporative Cooling: They are swamp coolers that cool the room by blowing out the warm air. The water-soaked pads absorb the heat from the room, and then it evaporates into the air. 
  • Mechanical-compression Refrigeration System: This refrigeration system is used in industrial and commercial freezers where production output is in excessive amounts. HVAC companies in air conditioning systems also use it. 

In this system, the refrigerant gas is mechanically compressed at low pressure, and as it takes the warmth from the system, it expands at high pressure.

  • Absorption: The refrigeration process in an absorption refrigerators system is the same as in industrial freezers. However, they use refrigerants that absorb and attract substances instead of mechanical compressors. 
  • Thermoelectric: As the name suggests, they use thermocouples and electric current to produce cooling. These refrigeration systems do not need any refrigerant chemicals or water. A thermocouple is an electrical device: one end of the device is cool, and the other is hot. The cool side attracts the heat and removes it from the system. They are perfect for small cooling systems. 

What is the Refrigeration Process?

Refrigeration is the cooling process where the heat transfers from one space to another. So, the air conditioners in our homes do not cool our house by providing a cold breeze but instead take out the warmth from the interiors and transfer it to the outside environment. After switching on the AC, the comfort you feel is nothing but an absence of heat in the room.  

The principle of refrigeration comes from the principles of thermodynamics. One of the vital principles of thermodynamics is that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. There are four essential steps in the refrigeration process. 

They are:  

  • Compression: In the first step of refrigeration, the first stop is the compressor. The compressor transforms cool, refrigerant liquid into hot vapor. The hot refrigerant vapor then moves into the pipes at high pressure. 
  • Condensation: Now, the next stop is the condenser. The hot vapor moving at high-pressure passes through the condenser, and the condenser cools the refrigerant. The condenser coils are filled with the hot vapor gas, but the warm air from outside takes the warmth from the gas, and slowly the hot-vapor refrigerant turns into hot liquid at high pressure. 
  • Expansion: The hot liquid then travels through the pipes and reaches the expansion device. The expansion device tries to reduce the pressure of the liquid, and it changes its state from liquid to a mixture of liquid and gaseous state. 
  • Evaporation: The last stop in the evaporation cycle is the evaporator. Here, the device cools down the air as the refrigerant passing through the evaporation coils takes up the warmth from the air blown across the coils. The refrigerant boils and dissipates the warmth in the outdoor environment. 


The cooling quality can decrease if these components develop some issues or faults. These issues need to be resolved at the earliest; otherwise, they can damage the functioning of the entire system. Call Arctic Air AC for a ductless HVAC service Poway, CA technician today!

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