San Diego Air Conditioning and Heating Services

San Diego Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Extreme temperature and humidity changes can strain heating and cooling systems. The residential HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances a homeowner will purchase, so preventative maintenance must maintain that investment. Preventive maintenance on the HVAC system will guarantee that it is working at peak efficiency and will also extend the system’s life. Contact us for AC service Poway today!

According to HVAC specialists, having your heating and cooling system tuned up regularly will save money in the long run because of affordable energy bills. High-efficiency air conditioners on the market today may considerably reduce utility bills, but only if they’re correctly maintained.

Checklist for HVAC Maintenance:

Most heating and cooling equipment manufacturers demand yearly preventative maintenance to keep their warranties valid. Many companies provide service contracts that include a spring tune-up for the air conditioning system and a fall visit to prepare the heating system for the winter. You’ll almost certainly get discounts on repairs and new equipment when you sign a maintenance contract.

  • Inspect for leaks and check refrigerant levels.
  • To guarantee proper airflow, clean and straighten condenser coils.
  • Check for leaks in gas connections.
  • All electrical connections should be tightened.
  • Ensure that all moving components are lubricated.
  • Check the thermostat to see whether it’s correctly cycling the system on and off.
  • Examine the air filter.

Residential and Business HVAC Maintenance has Several Advantages

Save Money on Future Energy Bills

Preventative maintenance may help you avoid unexpected breakdowns by 95%. You won’t require heating and cooling repair service nearly as often because a skilled professional will regularly inspect your HVAC system. 

This helps them detect any issues early on and address them before escalating into something more catastrophic. Furthermore, regular HVAC repair may save you up to 30% of your monthly energy expenditure. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your system performs at its best.

Extend the Life of Your System

Let’s face it- upgrading your home’s HVAC system isn’t always inexpensive, especially if you need to replace it entirely. In the long run, however, by having our staff check your system regularly, we can help it work longer and more efficiently. You should invest in air conditioning and Heating Replacement Poway CA, for your HVAC system in the same way you regularly visit the doctor for check-ups.

Improve the Safety of Your Home

When deciding whether or not to engage in regular HVAC maintenance, the key consideration should be safety. Repair bills may rapidly rack up, putting you and your family under stress. 

Regular maintenance is an excellent way to protect you and your family against carbon monoxide poisoning. A damaged or failing heat exchanger is the most prevalent source of carbon monoxide leakage, which our experts would be able to detect.


Don’t wait another day to arrange your annual HVAC maintenance services with Arctic Air. We are pleased to provide heating and cooling repair services, routine maintenance programs, and air conditioner and furnace repairs. Please schedule an appointment with our specialists online or give us a call to know more about San Diego air conditioning and heating repair Poway, CA.