Encinitas Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Encinitas Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Arctic Air Conditioning and Heating Services

A fully functional and reliable air conditioning system is a prerequisite for any household across the state of California. While gearing up for the summer season, you must get in touch with an experienced HVAC company such as Encinitas Air Conditioning and Heating Services. No matter the kind of air conditioning system you may have, having a professional and licensed ductless HVAC service Poway, CA on your speed dial is likely to relieve you of your HVAC problems right away. Contact us today!

At Arctic Air, we look after all your HVAC requirements throughout the year so that you and your family receive optimal comfort no matter the temperature conditions outdoors.

Signs That Warrant an AC Repair:

For a healthy and efficient performance of your air conditioning system throughout the years, you must learn to spot signs of air conditioning failures or other HVAC issues early on. Experts suggest that an early diagnosis can not only prevent the damage from augmenting but also helps owners save a lot of money on expensive AC replacement in Poway, CA. We have put together a list of a few common signs that may help alert you of damage to your air conditioning system.

  • Loud operational noises 
  • A sudden increase in energy consumption 
  • Reduced or no cooling 
  • Short cycling 
  • No air blowing through the registers 
  • The compressor does not turn on, etc.

Signs That Indicate a Failing HVAC System 

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 12-15 years some of which also prove to be efficient for up to 20 years. Such longevity in an HVAC’s performance can only be brought about with impeccable record maintenance services and other timely HVAC services. When it comes to the preservation of HVACs and their components, what owners should realize is that preservation can go a long way in maintaining their appliance’s health and performance. A newer system not only relieves you of the constant repairs and breakdowns but also brings with it the latest features and higher efficiency that not only make your energy bills go down but also make it easier to achieve the desired temperature faster and retain it for longer hours. 

Nevertheless, if your HVACs are more than 10-12 years old, you must look out for a few signs that indicate a failing heating or cooling system to save money on unnecessary and frequent repairs.

  1. A steady rise in energy bills 
  2. Reduced heating or cooling 
  3. Presence of unknown or loud noises 
  4. High levels of humidity in the household 
  5. Visible signs of soot or grime near the vents, etc. 

Our Promise of Quality HVAC Services 

At Arctic Air, we are fully committed to delivering a fast and reliable solution to all your heating and cooling requirements. Whether it is heating installation, air conditioning maintenance, ductwork service, or Indoor Air Quality inspection, our HVAC experts and technicians are skilled to deliver a seamless and professional job each time you avail of our services. We value honesty and take customer satisfaction seriously. therefore we carefully understand all your HVAC service requirements before devising a service plan.  

Our HVAC experts offer unique HVAC solutions that are designed exactly around your needs and resources. Whether you need a thorough inspection and AC service or a second opinion on your heating installation, our experts provide comprehensive solutions to all your complaints and requirements. Visit our website for more information on your next AC service Poway