Mission Beach Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Mission Beach Air Conditioning and Heating Services of Arctic Air

Mission Beach air conditioning and heating services have a group of highly trained professionals to solve any issues you might face with your HVAC systems. Our services are designed with your heating and air conditioning needs in mind. We do everything that is required to maintain indoor air quality. 

We provide regular maintenance along with emergency services for HVACs. Our yearly maintenance plans offer many benefits and the services you pay for. We make sure that our clients aren’t being taken advantage of and provide all of our services at very affordable rates. We provide Commercial or Ductless HVAC services in Poway, CA, and the surrounding areas.

When Should You Get Your Device Serviced?

Irrespective of your system being either a heating device or an AC, they should be serviced every six months or sooner, even depending on the usage. Lack of regular maintenance will lead to sudden breakdowns or affect the efficiency and longevity of your device.

What Happens If You Skip Maintenance?

People might feel getting regular maintenance is an unnecessary expense since it makes up a big amount most of the time of any household budget. Still, in the long run, it saves you money by saving you all the emergency service fees by keeping your device clean and efficient.

Some of the common problems that can occur in either an air conditioner or a heater are related to:

  • Filters
  • Thermostat
  • Drain
  • Refrigerant

Things That Need To Be Changed Regularly:

  • Filters: The filters in the HVACs filter out dust while producing clean and fresh air through the device. With regular maintenance, they will be swapped out regularly and cleaned. But in the cases where they are not cleaned regularly, the dust that’s filtered out piles up on the filter and intrudes on the device’s efficiency to work.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat malfunctioning is another commonly faced problem by any air conditioning or heater system owner. It controls the whole device, so any trouble with the thermostat might irritate the users when they want to use their HVAC. With regular maintenance, the thermostat is often checked for batteries and is taken care of accordingly.
  • Drain: Another common problem among the HVACs is either the drain getting blocked or the drain vents getting blocked with gunk or dirt. Again, during regular servicing, all the vents are checked and cleaned to ensure the proper working of the device.
  • Refrigerant: The refrigerant is the solution present in the air conditioning units to cool the air. There are two kinds of problems that can arise with this, and one kind is when the refrigerant is emptied, and the air conditioner is being put to use. The other kind is when the refrigerant is leaked out with the vents’ air. Both of these cases are very troublesome and are avoided with regular maintenance. 


Other problems can occur when the device is not maintained regularly; some small and some very major. The discomfort it causes and the expenses that occur are huge compared to what you would be saving with the yearly maintenance expense. Schedule the AC Service Poway and the surrounding areas.

If you’re in CA and need Mission Beach Air Conditioning and Heating Services, please reach us at Arctic Air.